How To Find If A Food Product Is Gluten Free

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If you are planning on going into a gluten free diet and this is the first time you are visiting a store to find gluten free food, you will be super confused on how to find the gluten free food.

Gluten free label in the product

A lot of supermarkets or even online places do sell gluten free foods even Wholesale lollies online. However if you come across food products that’s not labeled as “ gluten free” you will be able to identify it by reading the ingredients so that you can avoid it by buying it. 

Check for the ingredients

However when checking whether a food product or best raw nut mix is basically made out of the gluten ingredients. You should always look for these mentioned ingredients on the food product such as: wheat, and barley and so on. Incase if you come across any food products that mentions the word saying “contains” it basically means that the product is not gluten free and includes either wheat, barley or even rye.Incase if you come across a food product that has a label on it saying “ wheat” it basically means that the food is mixed with a wheat product so that it’s much easier to identify it.

Food Labelling and Consumer protection

When it comes for food labels, it’s one of the mandatory things to include in a food product. Since it will provide you enough and more information about the food that you are going to consume and what brand It belongs to. There are certain things that a food label will include such as, ingredients, a proper description of the food, expiration date and the production date. Like any other rules there are few exceptions. Occasionally a food product may contain wheat protein or even oats and be labelled as gluten free.

Check for the word “wheat” in contains statement and ingredients

Sometimes you may come across certain food products labeled as “ gluten free” but it may contain a bit of wheat ingredients as well. Like I mentioned before if any food product contains a wheat ingredients its mandatory that they label it as “wheat” in the ingredient list or the contains statement.

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